Mumbai Police To Teach School Students The Do’s & Don’ts Of Surfing Internet

 Mumbai police n cyber crime

Cyber crimes are increasing but today we gonna talk about cyber crimes that has an ill-effect on the society. Kids and the teenagers are most likely to get influenced by the negative things. Children are likely to perform things that they are unaware of and hence fall into some troubles. To make life simpler and trouble free Mumbai Police has joined Google and have implemented a project that will help them in educating the kids and teenagers about the do’s and don’ts of surfing the Internet.



Several incidents of misuse of the Internet have occurred and have led to crimes like murders, kidnapping, suicide, accidental deaths and many such things.



On this a senior police officer said, “Unknowingly, the kids commit many offences or fall prey to stalkers on the internet. The presentation has basic information about the Information Technology Act, how to be aware of stalkers, which sites to visit, pitfalls on the internet”.



Many times parents are responsible for these actions. It is generally seen in those cases where both parents are out for work or are separated.  It can also happen if a child doesn’t get enough attention or love from his parents and hence feels left out.



Mumbai Police has written a letter to the management of the schools, to grant them the permission for displaying their power point presentation on the Do’s and Don’ts of using Internet. The response received so far is great.



This is a great way of educating children and parents who have no idea about what their children are doing. This will help parents in acting more responsibly in the future. I am eagerly waiting to see the responses and the positive effect of this on our society and kids.

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