Indyarocks Launches Gaming Community – Adds 800 Games!

Just got a mail yesterday from the Indyarocks guys informing me that they had adding a complete gaming section to their social network. We have earlier done a complete review of Indyarocks on our blog before.


As per the release sent to us Indyarocks has added more than 800 games. The games are featured under various categories such as Action, Adventure, Sports, Racing, Word games, Indian, Puzzles and Strategy. I checked out the cricket game but what left me puzzled that it was a game based on domestic cricket in south africa! Not sure why Indians would be interested in south african domestic cricket? Im guessing its also because the licenses of these games might have been bought from a vendor at a cheap cost. Would love it if Kalyan the operations head can throw some light on this by commenting on this post.


Indyarocks has also added community features which allows the community to rate, review and share the games. Also a unique feature is for members to submit their own games and ask for feedback from the community.


Kalyan Manyam, Head of operations had this to say on this move “This is our first step towards addressing the fast growing online gaming market in India.The increase in Internet penetration has made online gaming one of the most important forms of entertainment for the young Indians. Considering the fact that the majority of our users are in the age group of 18-25 we have now enhanced our entertainment portfolio with a large collection of casual games.”


Gaming already has players like zapak, indiagames and sify and this move by Indyarocks kind of puts it in competition with these others. According to me gaming + community aspect could be powerful and internationally there are gaming communities like Raptr coming up but I feel Indyarocks needs to first find its USP if its gaming then it needs to position itself as a gaming social network. Doing too many things at such an early stage may have its pitfalls as well.

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  1. radha
    February 29, 2008 at 12:11 am #

    looks like people have voted for indyarocks

    here is alexa

  2. February 29, 2008 at 10:07 am #


    Thanks for your post.

    We wanted to bring in games which are relevant and interesting for an Indian gamer. One such a game is Cricket. I agree that it is not based on the Indian team which is why it being featured under Sports category only and not Indian Category.

    It will surely be interesting and more appealing if we have a game on Indian Cricket. We will work on that for sure…


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