Google Donates 3.5 million dollar To Eradicate Polio

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These days’ lots of websites and companies are stepping into the business of spreading awareness about some of the deadlier and incurable diseases like AIDS, polio, whopping cough, tuberculosis and many more. Sometime back along with Saadhan, stepped into spreading awareness and solving queries regarding AIDS/HIV. Facebook on other hand joined in with UNICEF, in the process of immunization of a child and developed an application called “Charity Gift” on facebook. To add a little more to this Google donates 3.5 million $ to Rotary International for curbing down Polio.



When we hear the word Polio the first thing that comes to our mind is a person with one short leg or hand or both. But polio is not just about having a physical disability.



Child infected with polio


Then, what is Polio? And reasons for Polio to occur? How does it transmit?


Poliomyelitis commonly known as Polio is an infectious disease that enters our central nervous system (CNS) and infects our motor neurons making us liable for paralysis attacks and weak bones.



Reasons for Polio to occur:


· Immune deficiency: A state in which the ability of the immune system to fight against infectious disease is compromised or entirely absent.


· Malnutrition: A state caused due to improper and insufficient diet.


· Tonsillectomy: A state in which the tonsils are removed during a surgical procedure.


· A skeletal muscles injury is caused due to injecting vaccines.



Transmission of the virus:


· The Polio Virus (PV) is highly contagious and spreads from human to human.


· It mostly spreads through the fecal- oral- route i.e. by consuming contaminated food or water.


· It occasionally transmits through oral – to – oral route.



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Appreciating the donation from Google, Deepak Kapur, chairman of the India National PolioPlus Committee of Rotary, said, “Though much of the world has eradicated polio, the disease is still crippling children in countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria – the four polio endemic countries”.



According to the stats, there has been an increase in the polio cases since 2007. According to one of the WHO officials, there were 860 cases infected with PV, 83 with P1 a deadlier virus and 780 with P3 virus.



This donation will help the medical departments and health welfare organizations to produce more vaccines and reach the outskirts and the remote areas of the polio-endemic countries. I am eagerly waiting for the outcome of this step and at the same time hoping that other organizations will follow the suite.

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