CNN Worldwide Unleashes The Era Of User Generated News –

iReport logoCNN Worldwide news channel has launched, an online community site that contains the uncensored, unadulterated and unedited material fully submitted by the users. The official launch of the website will take place in March.
 allows the viewers from all around the world to upload videos, pictures and unedited news on the website this helps CNN for its daily news and creates the headline news for News to Me, which is a user-generated news program. The content of the can be viewed by anyone and the visitors can easily upload the videos, picture and news on the website by just creating their profiles on the website.


On this CNN News Services EVP Susan Grant said, “CNN is tremendously excited to launch this new global community site, a destination for all iReports and iReporters. We are thrilled to now have a platform where all iReport submissions are available for anyone and everyone who wants to view them.



This is an approach for harnessing the potential of user generated content in news aggregation.



The website does not only allow uploading news pictures and videos but also allows uploading general pictures and videos with the commenting section on its bottom.



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