Budget Goes Gaming!

BudgetThese days it is budget 2008 that seems to be running through everyone’s mind. Every where I go people are either talking about stock market or the budget. Every one are holding themselves and hoping that this time budget might be in their favor.



Talking about the budget how can I forget Reliance ADAG. Reliance is one of the companies who scores heavily by recognizing the current buzz and the trend. Zapak.com in association with Reliance Capital has launched a new game that revolves around the Budget 2008 on their micro site.



Budget 2008 game In case you wondering why the budget game, Arun Mehra, Chief Marketing Officer Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd explains:


“The microsite will disseminate budget related information that can affect the life of youngsters, like cost of two-wheelers, petrol prices and prices of gadgets and junk food.”


So what’s hot?


  • Well it is a game that will make youngsters aware about the expenses that incur in day-to-day life.
  • In a way it educates you regarding fixed deposits, mutual funds, stock market, property, insurance, theft, Loans, etc.
  • It will soon (after the budget day) have an open forum where users can discuss with the experts about various issues related to the Budget, like policy changes and how it will impact them.


What’s not?


  • Though it is a good and innovative concept but it lacks in real sense to some extent.
  • They should have given a bit of description regarding each type of investment. As it would have helped the users to invest their so called “virtual money.”
  • As it lacks in options after a point of time the game becomes monotonous in nature.


Zapak.com Zapak plans to invest around 20 lakh rupees to promote its site (including online and offline marketing) no wonder why Zapak has always been known for its aggressive marketing strategy. As long as the parent company Reliance ADAG is funding them they can be aggressive with their marketing. A lot of buzz has been happening every time Zapak gets funded by ADAG. Hence this time Girish Shah, head, branding, Reliance ADAG, explains why Reliance Capital is endorsing the site:


“India is a young country and today’s youth is tomorrow’s investor. We want to inform the youth how the Budget will impact them and empower them to take financial decisions. We opted for Zapak.com because it is a youth-centric site.”


Hmm.. a nice excuse Mr. Girish . But are you sure this is the real reason behind this? “Informing the youth”?



Well I would love to get feedback from our WATBlog readers on this.

2 Responses to “Budget Goes Gaming!”

  1. sunil_media
    February 19, 2008 at 7:09 pm #

    Hey Rushabh

    Sure there may be more to it than what’s said but but look around Today’s youth / young genx are very much savvy & influence the family decision making.

    You see almost all TV ads using kids / youth as emotional connect.

    Also most business are looking at today’s problem(to achieve qtr targets) and not looking at long term, so what if some bit of money is invested for brand for tomorrows consumers !! I don’t think there is any harm or bad strategy.

    I’m sure you heard of “ catch em young and watch em grow ;-)

  2. delnaz
    July 24, 2008 at 11:23 am #

    why do these guys not promote the website thru mlm company ?
    i will do wonderful with a network of youngsters promoting the coupons , etc

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