Next on YouTube – Recommendations, and Advertiser Analytics. What About Collaboration?

YouTube keeps improving itself – a few of changes at YouTube are pretty exciting. TechCrunch was at YouTube’s event called “Videocracy” (clever take on Democracy – considering the elections in America are also being fought on YouTube).



At the event, YouTube gave a sneak peak of what is to be expected. 


1) YouTube is becoming MORE social. There is a feature called Active Sharing where users can flag content they are currently viewing. Thus if you are viewing a video currently, and you put the active sharing feature on, anyone watching the video at the same time as you, can see your user name on the right of the screen.     





2) Video Recommendations will be more user centric – they will be based on what users have already and also watched. Right now they get recommended to you on the basis of tags. There will now be a “Users who saw this video also liked” mechanism. 



3) YouTube claims it wants to be everywhere – it want to go beyond web browsers; onto mobile screens and television sets. Im not too sure how that will happen – i can understand content being distributed through mobile phones but as of now to distribute content through TV Sets, it will be a little difficult. 



4) For MArketeers there will be more advanced analytics – like geo analytics coupled with site analytics. Already there exist limited site analytics where one can get to know links from where the videos are receiving views. I guess this will enable marketeers to know ALL the sites from where they receive views. Couple that with Geo Targeting and you have an extremely efficient marketing tool.  



We have already written about how YouTube can be used as an extremely effective marketing platform - this will only add to the effectiveness.  



Apart from these initiatives YouTube has said that it will try and do all it can to popularize the platform. It has already done so by getting involved with the American Election and tying up with CNN. They created a new debate platform where within the televised debate for the US Elections, YouTubers could ask videos to the candidates through YouTube (the full debate was telecast on CNN with most of America watching). For the questions they created a special platform called YouChoose. Pretty innovative – it probably gave a lot of mileage to the YouTube brand. After the responses were also posted on YouTube and this too elicited a  lot of responses.  



I think possibly the biggest change is that of YouTube becoming more Social – this will generate a lot more interaction. Right now one of the biggest problems with YouTube is that it’s not really collaborative. It needs to figure out mechanisms to let users co create content without them actually being together. This is one small step towards that goal. YouTube probably needs to figure out a platform where users, many of them can come together to possibly make a documentary on a subject with each individual pooling in footage. Or a feature film made together by groups of people from all over the World. That would be REVOLUTIONARY!  

4 Responses to “Next on YouTube – Recommendations, and Advertiser Analytics. What About Collaboration?”

  1. Rupesh Mandal
    February 15, 2008 at 4:23 pm #

    Even, I feel that there is need of collaboration in youtube. Just notice it in our case i.e. … we always want to put videos from different users (sooraj, dagli, aamer .etc.) under a common channel which is not possible currently…

  2. February 15, 2008 at 5:01 pm #

    Thanks for the comment Rupesh – however im not so sure our WATShow example fits in too well because these guys are using the same content – content that is synergistic.

    I was looking at collaboration of content from sources all over the world – a work in progress kind of thing where people collaborate on a single topic to make a final product – content is created from all over the world. Imagine a Video based Wikipedia – where a documentary on the Taj Mahal for example can be made using videos from all over. That is true collaboration in my opinion. Keep in mind however that in video there has to be 1 single driver of the look of the film to ensure that it is viewable – so thats where it is a little different from text.

  3. Nats
    February 17, 2008 at 11:32 am #

    Cool stuff.. a word by word copy from Techcrunch… Please acknowledge your sources…

  4. February 18, 2008 at 2:53 pm #

    Thanks Nats… yea i guess it completely slipped out of my mind to link the article when i mentioned that TechCrunch was at Videocracy – was in a hurry :) – thanks for pointing it out i thought i had linked it.
    Dont think TechCrunch said anything about YouChoose or collaboration – give us that much credit :p – thanks again – its feedback like this that helps us improve our quality and in some cases reminds us about things we need to do – which we may have thought as “already done”. Hope ur enjoying WATBlog.

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