Is Google Opening Campus in Hyderabad, India?

Hyderabad commonly known as “Cyberabad” or “HITEC City” already has Google offices responsible for product QA, Adwords writing for clients and ad quality rating and further extended to provides support to AdSense Publishers.
Google India


Now, a latest News report says that Google will set up its first campus in India in Hyderabad that will be spread over 20 acres space.


Microsoft IndiaIf you remember, last year TOI reported that Microsoft is all set to open varsity in Bangalore. The very next day Microsoft rejected the report clarifying that it has no such plans. (TOI Bangalore, 13 July, 2007, Page 19)


Barcamp5 Hyderabad logo

Another Interesting thing to note is- Barcamp5 in Hyderabad will be held at Google Office on 16th Feb, 2008 whereas Bangalore Bloggers Meet is scheduled at Microsoft Office, on the same day.


I was just wondering where is Yahoo in between!

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