Facebook Limits Interactivity Through Groups

Lets start with a Question – How many of You are Members of Facebook Groups?  



If you are a member of a Facebook Group, then how often do you visit the groups – chances are: not too often. 



Im an administrator of a couple of Facebook Groups and I found that an option of ‘Message All Members’ was really useful to maintain interactivity and get conversations flowing on groups. Most activity on the groups i run came post the mass group messages i sent out. 



I recently discovered something that i found pretty disappointing – once a group reaches 1200 Members, an administrator cannot ‘Message All Members’. 




 That is quite disappointing considering the fact that a very important tool with respect to maintaining a community feel is taken away.   



I understand that this is done to prevent spamming but there are some genuine groups out there in the FacebookSphere which interact mostly because an administrator drives conversations and reaches out to members who do not visit the group too often.  



In my opinion this limits interactivity. There are a lot of topics and issues that social media users like to associate with – thus it is extremely easy for groups to cross 1200 members.  

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