Tries To Attract Holiday Travellers With “Holiday Plus”

Few days back we had discussed about Travelguru TAP’ing with bloggers and website holders. Travelguru is focusing on hotels now which itself is a big market whether for business travelers or leisure travelers. Though it is easier and faster to book through an online travel portal like Yatra and ClearTrip,   these travel portals still do not offer a complete holiday planning tool. Holiday traveling is much more complex as it requires timely decision and multiple location coverage unlike business travel which is to and fro to a single location. So in order to attract international holidaying customers has launched “Holiday Plus” which guarantees satisfaction to the travelers.  This is achieved by charging only half the amount upfront , and the rest after the travelers’ return.

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On this Keyur Joshi, Co-Founder & COO, said, “We are absolutely certain that we offer the Best Holiday Experience in the market. As proof, we have extended a first-ever guarantee to customers under which we are willing to receive upfront payment for only 50% of the package cost, and the rest after the traveler returns from a satisfactory holiday. We are supporting this with a high-voltage campaign “Humne Toda Vaada Toh Pay Only Aadha” that will shortly break across mass media – TV, electronic and radio channels as well as the internet.”



Besides for the price factor I guess whats lacking is a holiday travel tool which helps me make the best decisions for my holidays and if one can add a reviews and recommendations feature to that from other people who have spent a holiday at the same location then nothing like it. I guess online travel portals need to start thinking beyond transaction focused schemes and products and look at adding ease and value to travel decision making atleast as far as holiday or leisure travel is concerned.

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  1. Raval
    July 14, 2008 at 11:17 am #

    Dear Mr.Keyur Joshi ( CEO), Ms.Debashri Sinha, Ms.Gayatri.

    When I read your pressnote as shown below, I though that Indian services are improved a lot, but when I tried to contact you people on your phones given below, I could see that I spent just Rs. 50/- on my mobile just for nothing as no one lifted the phone. I heared only stereo type tape which is on your phone.

    Please tell me how you can increase business when your office bearers are not taking phones? Why you are spoiling time of others by giving such numbers on which you are not interested to talk with your International Customers?????

    You are CEO & GM, please try yourself on your own numbers Ph – 079-40088747, 079-40088687, please listen sweet voice of your tape, and book ticket or try to get information using these phones, I am sure, though you are CEO & GM, you can not book your tickets.

    God save your business ( God means travel agents for you !!!!! )

    You can change your website name ” Don’t” This time is near if you will not give attention on my free suggestions.

    Raval- Ahmedabad

    Speaking on the occasion, Keyur Joshi, Co-Founder and COO,, said, “Ahmedabad is a key market for us and requires personal interaction with customers hence we decided to open our local operations.” Adding, “It is a growing market for domestic and outbound tours and the Ahmedabad residents can expect some fantastic offers from MakeMyTrip”.

    “The Gujarat operations will be headed by Debashish Sinha, General Manager, who has rich and varied experience in the travel market having worked with leading travel companies”, Keyur added.

    For any further details please contact
    Ahmedabad Office:
    Ph – 40088747,40088687

    For PR enquiries please contact,
    Gayatri Buddha,
    AVP Marketing,
    gayatri.buddha ( @ ) makemytrip dot com

  2. Turlapati Gopinath
    December 28, 2008 at 11:17 pm #

    Dear All,

    I too would like to share my worst experiences with this I think no one should ever try and do any business with them. Let me narrate my three unpleasant experiences with them.

    1. I booked a flight ticket from Mumbai to Hyderabad one month in advance. When I selected my fllight and was taken to the payment gateway I paid the required amount through my net banking website. After that nothing happened, and site page went blank. I sent them a mail explaining the problem. After three days, they came back saying that there was a techhical error and all my booking details have been lost. They advised me to give all details of booking so that they will book again. Again it took almost a week for them to come back and send me a ticket. Meanwhile, I was restless without any proper response from them having paid for the ticket.

    2. They said, by using this ticket booking refernce, I can avail a discount of Rs. 1000/- if I make a hotel booking through their website. I was going to Shirdi so I made a booking for a hotel in Shirdi, Hotel Saish. Everything about the hotel on their website was great. To my horror, when I reached this hotel, I found it is very dirty and poorly maintained. The bath room was dirty, the room was dirty and the sheets were so dirty and had lots of stains on them. The air conditioner had seen better days. It is not certainly worhy of Rs. 2000/- daily charge for the room. We couldnt just sleep on those beds. I wrote a strong letter of protest and all they said was that they will convey this to the hotel concerned instead of straightaway removing that hotel from their website.

    3. Again on the third time, I booked a hotel in Mumbai through their website. The same drama went again. AFter making payment through my net banking site, the page went blank. This time, I didnt have enough time also. I frantically sent them mails saying that payment is already debited to my bank account and their collecting website ( have sent me a mail confirming receipt of payment. They replied after three days, that there was a technical error and they couldnt trace any details. I sent them mails sent to me from and also the mail sent to me by my bank debiting my acccount. There was no reply and time was running out. I called them on their toll free line and was online for one hour and some customer service manager says, he will work on it and would come back to me. After several mails and messages, finally I got a mail from them (I was to travel next day, no hotel booking confirmed) saying that they cannot do anytihng about this and that they will refund my money in 7 days. It is already more than 7 days and I havent received any payment. All this after a lot of harassment and frantic phone calls. They had the temerity to suggest that I should make another booking through their website and pay again!!1

    All the above three experiences have really rattled me and I recommend to everyone never to deal with this and get into trouble.

    I was dealing with one Mr. Gur Simran who promises everything but does nothing.

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