Local Search Update: AskLaila Launches in Mumbai While Guruji Plans on Adding more Local Languages!

Mumbai gets its own Laila 

Asklaila the funded local search engine expanded its reach to another city after bangalore. Its Mumbai! Asklaila has launched its local search service for mumbai. Users can search for local information across 650 localities in Mumbai on www.asklaila.com.


There are many existing players with mumbai local information like onyomo, guruji, burrp, dwaar and justdial doing pretty much the same thing that asklaila is doing. Though the difference might be that asklaila has raised 10 million $ in B-series funding already while some of the others are yet to recieve that kind of funding.


Guruji DOES NOT have 1 crore users! Plans to add more languages

Local search is a hot segment when it comes to announcements so the other startup in this segment which has been on an announcement spree has been guruji.com which was recently misquoted to have got more that 1 crore users a month (Yes their Official blog clarifies that they dont!). The same article also quoted them saying that its main competitor was google!


So inorder to further penetrate the indian market and possibly give google competition guruji plans to add more vernacular language capabilities to its search. Guruji.com, which is currently available in Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil, besides English, is now planning to introduce Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi and Gujarati languages in the next six months.


It remains to be seen how the battle between the local search players pans out. We had done a look back at the year 2007 for these players in our post before and it will be interesting to see how 2008 turned out for some of these well funded players.

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