IAMAI Session III: SAAS and It’s Future

Manikandan Vembu, Director of Product Management at Zoho was the key note speaker. Watch out for his exclusive interview on WATShow. He was accompanied by K B Chandrashekhar of Exodus Communication and Chairman of e4e Services and Aztec Software, Jamcracker’s USA.   




Here is WATBlog’s round up of key insights delivered during this discussion:  


Unified Communications: The Theme of SaaS Today  



Communication and Collaboration + IT Services + Security & Continuity + Business Applications can all become unified and be offered to companies as unified packages. The point is to create solutions that the consumer can take back.



That’s where Saas or Software as a service can really leap beyond ERP, which as of now is plagued by compartmentalization.   



So there exists a large opportunity to create a Value Added Reseller who ultimately becomes a distributor.  This is another movement towards convergence and a unified user experience.  



Convergence can also create a workspace that creates a unified experience for the user according to different consumer ‘profiles’. What I mean to say is that a consumer is a businessman, consumer, community member etc and thus there is an opportunity for a business model that creates unified consumer ‘profiles’. Thus various Internet services can be bundled under one profile. 

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