IAMAI Session II: Empowerment of the User and Humanization of the Internet

Esther Dyson, Chairperson of EDventure Holdings (USA) delivered the keynote address. Ashish Kashyap, CEO of Ibibo and Anupam Mittal, Chairman of the People Group completed the Panel.


Here is WAT we think required attention and analysis:

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Privacy of users will be the concern of tomorrow. Users will be given  more freedom to control their content. Consider Facebook as a case study, users are able to control who sees how much of their profiles – that’s an insight into the fact that control over privacy is what will motivate consumers to trust companies tommorow.



“People are more interested in seeing mirrors than paintings”

- Esther Dyson




A fundamental shift is taking place in the Internet space where only advertisers who form RELATIONSHIPS with consumers will succeed. So contextual advertising will have to become “more contextual” and more personal. Ads will have to become “useful”. Consider Dooplr.com – a website that allows users to share travel plans. Now ads from British Airways to a frequent traveller may be fine because they actually aid the user to travel. British Airways would then have to become a part of the inner circle. “A friend” so to speak. One may even sense a situation where users will choose the relationships it has – with brands and advertisers. So users may be able to choose advertisers from who it seeks to receive advertising. This essentially builds up long-term relationships.



So one may see a situation where one sees short-term advertisers throwing content at consumers for targeted promotions, and one will see long-term advertisers who look to build consumer “friends” and consumer communities. The sense is that only those who build relevant long-term relationships will succeed. Relationships need to be essentially non intrusive.





Users use the Internet to give and get attention – that’s an insight for Internet companies.



Dyson also said that the Internet is much more of a PR media than an advertising media.



Online PR and contextual relationships is something that our sister concern WATConsult specializes in. 

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