24X7 guru.com ties up with Tata Sky

 The 24X7 guru.com has joined hands with Tata Sky to provide content for Active Learning. Active Learning is an educational quiz that covers various topics like Maths, Science and GK for the age of 7-11 years.


“The questions can be easily navigated with the help of remote and the children are also provided with correct answer individual scores,” said learnsmart India CEO K S Muralidhar and Tata Sky chief marketing officer Vikram Mehra in a joint press conference.


“We are pleased to partner with Tata Sky and add one more exciting medium to expand our diagnostic, self assessment learning experience from potential of enhancing every aspect of the academic extremely, powerful teaching tool with the potential of enhancing every aspect of the academic curriculum”.


“We are confident that this new medium which is hugely popular with children of all ages will motivate the students to use broadcast technology not just to entertain them but also to complement their efforts to become scholastically successful,” Muralidharan added.


Active Learning could have been beneficial to all those children who don’t have computer or internet at home. But, the  problem with it is that for Active Learning the customers will have to buy Tata Sky. So it looks like a move to extend the online learning reach beyond the PC or laptops right to television. Also it makes sense for 7-11 age group who otherwise would have to be monitored while they access the internet but in this case as its inbuilt in the setup box more parents would be far more open to having their children use this application through tata sky.

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  1. Shashrek ambardar
    January 31, 2008 at 8:50 pm #

    i want to know about the destination nasa contest and also the questions for practice .
    this site is breathtakingly brilliant.

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