Bebo allows proprietary video content on its site


Social Networking site Bebo has launched Open Media platform. Using the platform, media companies can host their premium video content on Bebo. The users can provide build a video profile. Users can distribute the videos among each other.


Bebo won’t charge anything for all the paid contents from the users. But what is surprising is, it won’t charge anything from the TV networks as well. Bebo, gives the networks a chance to have their own video players to play the content on, and to have advertising on the it.


The media companies include ESPN, BBC, MTV, CBS, Channel Four, Endemol, ITN, Yahoo! and BSkyB, as well as emerging media companies like Crackle, Music Nation, Next New Networks, JibJab, and Ustream.


Bebo will benefit from the increases loyalty and attracting new users. The TV networks may benefit in advertising revenues by adding Bebo’s 40 million users to their audience list, thereby negotiating better with the advertisers.

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