Travel Guru leader in user reviews among Online Travel Sites

Give the power to the people.. that’s the new mantra online.

Travel guru a popular online travel portal has generated 6,000 user reviews of 2,000 hotels across the country.  Users while looking up hotels on the website can read reviews written by actual users which helps to take better decisions while booking hotels.
Travelguru was India ‘s first travel portal to introduce user hotel reviews and ratings right alongside the actual hotel booking form. And has got the highest no of reviews ever by any online travel portal contributing more than 50% of total 11,000 online travel portal reviews.

two days after check out, an auto generated email is sent to the customer asking for his review. This review asks him to rate hotels on a rating of 1–5 on the key parameters of Cleanliness, Dining Options, Service, Quality of room and Overall Satisfaction with the hotel.

The power of reviews –

According to the CompUSA-iPerceptions study,
77 per cent of online shoppers globally use reviews and ratings when making a purchase. 86 per cent of respondents said they would trust a friend’s or user’s recommendation over a critic’s or expert’s view.
The study also mentioned that Nearly 63 per cent of all word-of-mouth publicity is positive. Over 65 per cent of online users researching information gives more credibility to user reviews, even in India. I think this should be reason enough to encourage user generated reviews.

Conclusion –

User generated content helps travelers and users to connect better with the website and gives a sense of openness between the website and the users. Reviews help fill the gap between an ordinary website and a user concerned website. Not only users but advertisers, hoteliers, travel agents too can take the resourceful user feed back which will help them better understand user behavior and user preferences  which will help identify un-captured or un-attended gaps in the industry. The power has always been with the users, not capitalizing on it would just be foolishness.

4 Responses to “Travel Guru leader in user reviews among Online Travel Sites”

  1. Jaspreet
    December 15, 2007 at 12:45 pm #

    Cheating ka guru-Travelguru

    Booking ID: TGU0000024695
    I would want others to stay away from travelguru as I have had a really bad experience. I had booked a hotel through travelguru for Dec 22-Dec 25 in Sarovar Portico, Manali. Due to some unforseen circumstances, I had to cancel my booking on 15th Dec. As per the booking voucher, I was supposed to get refund – deduction of one nights room and taxes. However, I was shocked to see the cancellation voucher which I recieved which mentions that the refund amount is zero. So, travelguru has very cleverly cancelled my booking and refunded me zero amount.

    Incase you want to book over the telephone, your call would be connected instantly to a customer care executive. God forbid if you want to cancel your booking over the telephone. You would be lucky if your call gets connected in 45 minutes and you get to talk to a customer care executive. All you hear is a executive coming on the line every 10 minutes saying that the systems are running a bit slow.

    Overall a very bad experience.

  2. June 25, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    indiamike is a racist website.

    it will allow anything said by foreigners for india but wont let an indian say what he and my friends wanted to discuss topics relating to how women should wear in order to be comfortable while travelling and not attract too much attention.

    besides india gets too many junkie travellers who are here only to do drugs without caring about anything else.

    they banned us for 2 weeks saying that our topics were racist,insulting and sexist.

    on the contrary ,they allowed any discussions relating to male attraction based on white colour and indian male mentality and even females asking to dye their hair from blonde and redhead to black “coz they felt it would attract too much attention and make life miserable for them”.

    and they didnt make our banning public..the administrators just send us a private message giving this reason for banning.if they had courage, they should have posted below our post what their objections were and that would be respectful for both me and my friends and that would let all members see what our mistake was.

    i hate such double minded inferiority complex suffering whackos!!!

  3. June 30, 2008 at 12:49 pm #

    Have just been doing a search across a number of websites – preparing for a trip to Shimla and came across IndiaMike. Funnily enough – the exact same review posted here by Radhashah was also in lonely planet, the indiatree, mouthshut, and yahoo answers, with the exact same anti-women comments, only the user names were Radha, Radha11, Ninja11, and Nastyradha (it wasn’t just similar – it was complete cut and paste of the exact same text). Busted!

  4. Gavin
    September 25, 2008 at 5:44 pm #


    hey radha…sorry for what happened to you out there.thanks for sharing.first and foremost the moderator at is a british guy…not an indian..get your facts right ravi!!

    and just because the moderator is indian i would not believe that it amounts to being impartial since is a website about indian tourism made by foreigners.they will see india through their eyes.the concept of blogging is about freedom of speech and fair-speak.

    if rich -influential people start suppressing it…it would not be as popular the world over as it is nowadays…so radha had a terrible experience and she wants to tell this to everyone.nothing wrong with it as well.i dont know what is anti-women and anti-foreigner but i feel that people have the right to have their say..if you dont agree with it…move on to some other blog.

    and i can see here you have done so much research from mouthshut to lonely planet to thorntree…i wonder what interest did you have in spending so much time trying to find out what this girl wrote on different websites???
    on second thoughts,are you a guy from Indiamike?

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