Yahoo! Mail For The Blind

Yahoo! has been very active with new feature with regards to its mail. It had gone regional recently with its mail to reach to wider audience. Now Yahoo India, has taken a step ahead by announcing the launch of new product for visually impaired people to use Yahoo Mail Service.



The company mentioned Yahoo Mail Classic, which has support for accessibility, will help the visually impaired users to use Yahoo Mail with similar ease as other users. The Yahoo Mail classic works on all standard screen reader software.


Screen reader software helps in identifying and interpreting what is being displayed on the screen and then represents this to the users with text-to-speech, sound icons, or a Braille output.



This will certainly be a delight to visually impaired people. Previously Kofi Annan had stressed on the need of for improved accessibility by persons with disabilities and it seems to be gaining some serious attention now. Also Google and AOL had mentioned about making web more friendly and accessible to visually impaired people.



Over 10% of the world’s population suffers from a variety of disabilities. The number of people with disabilities seems to be increasing, as it has increased 25% in the last decade.



More of such initiative should be taken for all disable people, as it will not only make them independent but also generate them some revenue source.



It is difficult to say whether these reforms are a part of marketing strategy to promote their company, but then it does makes life much better for disabled people.

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