– A Search Engine on Colleges and College Courses! started by a Delhi-based start-up company Mantra Consulting has launched  an online college search portal that offers advanced college and course search options to high school and college students. Currently it has 5000 colleges, over 28000 courses and has over 300 experts to answer student’s questions.

It also offers college ratings which are given by students registered on the site. Both Students and parents can compare colleges and network with faculty from those colleges inorder to make a decision on colleges to apply to and join.

Anubhav Jain, 28, CEO, Mantra Consulting, has said “We have a dedicated 8 member team which collects and updates information on colleges. We are adding comprehensive information on about 80 institutes a day. Information on colleges in India is scattered and unorganized. Students should know their options and research before they final down on a college. Soon students will be able to purchase prospectuses and admission forms online and fill in a single form to apply to multiple colleges.”

This initiative sounds exactly what was hinting on doing with its portal on education which is supposedly going to be called We had blogged about Hitesh Oberoi COO naukri mentioning that the education portal would give information on colleges and college courses. I think this segment of college related information and interaction services is an underserved segment and something like a student clearing house or a student information hub online would do very well.

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