Printo gets funded! 6.25 M $ from Sequoia Cap!

printo gets fundedOnline Photo sharing and printing is one of the most crowded spaces and we have blogged about the same earlier as well and also published a presentation covering most of the players in this space. Also recently we had blogged about 16frames which alongwith photo printing also provides video publishing i.e. users can upload and publish their videos on a CD or DVD and send it anywhere in India.

It seems that along with the entrepreneurs even VC’s are upbeat on the online photo printing industry. According to the latest on the funding news Printo which is an offline banded retail printing services company with an online photo printing website as well which was earlier funded by Seedfund for seed funding has now recieved its A series of funding of 6.25 Million $ from Sequoia Cap.

This funding news just increases muscle power and competition in the online photo printing space as even earlier we had covered HP Snapfish launching in India which would be a big competitor for Printo in this space.

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