Get Your Face on a Billboard by Just Uploading Your Pictures Online?

Well you read it right! The title is true.. An innovative marketing exercise by BPL Mobile plans to do just that. BPL Mobile had launched an offline campaign ’get in the loop’ a couple of months back which is a part of its rebranding exercise. Now BPL Mobile seems to have extended this offline campaign online by asking users to upload that group pics on the site  and the winners pics would be put up on a billboard promoting BPL Mobile ‘get in the loop’. bpl mobile

 A smart marketing gimmick for sure which leverages the power of the internet in providing user generated content and also the use of get famous by being on a bilboard incentive. Also the site has a graffiti wall which seems to be showcasing all the pictures that are submitted.  Im sure many wannabe models, actors, college gangs would participate in this drive which would surely up the brand value for BPL Mobile.

Though i feel such campaigns need the backing of Social Media Opimization which can actually penetrate the online hangouts of the youth like social networking sites and blogs etc and engage these youngsters by spreading the word on this innovative initiative by BPL Mobile rather than using the traditional banner advertising route.

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