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Just one of the many existing online classifieds available out there who promises to provide ads for free which anyways all the other ones provide…

So what makes this site different?

Nothing really, is much like any other classifieds website.

Other than buy sell ads also provides users to advertise their ad spaces to earn money. I am not too sure if others are offering this service.

They offer their services to the UK, USA & Indonesia as well as the normal local regions, like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc.

After a simple Google search I found a few of their competitors – here is a quick list of what I found-
Clickindia.Com, Indialist.Com (Bharat matrimony group),,, Adsforindians.Com, Freeclassifiedsindia.Com, Thisismyindia.Com website is all about marriages, no its not a wedding portal, it’s a wedding website that provides married couples a platform where they can share their experiences and publish their photos, blog, get a website of their own etc.

The sign up process was pretty simple and quick. I really like the website and its features. And I think that it’s a good service they are providing. its what any girl would say "its a Sweet Thing"

But, alas there was only one problem –

Bharat Matrimony already has it’s the same concept like first which has been around for much longer than firstphera. First Phera offers the same service like BM’s Matrimony Diary.

All in all it’s a good website, nice and clean interface, has a competition, it doesn’t have a BM type of backing but none the less its still very good. My other concern is that will these services really take up, I see NRI’s as the biggest users of these services having Parents/ Relatives living in India.

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  1. August 30, 2010 at 1:11 pm #


    We have a launched Education listing site – vertical classifieds focused on Training or vocational education space.

    Our model is B2B – where Training provider pay a fee in listing their information with us.

    The consumers can search for the information absolutely free.

    I request your feedback on our product.

    Manoj Nagaraj

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