Orkut – Angel-16 year old – DEAD!

We recently blogged about how Orkut, was the reason that two people found their soul Mates. Orkut, which is undoubtedly the forerunner of social networking sites in India, has faced huge criticism, and has been blatantly been oppressed by many political parties in India.

What Happened?

In recent light of the death of a Builder’s son in Mumbai, Orkut once again was the main platform for communication. Adnan Patrawala, befriended a few peers on Orkut, including a particular ‘angel’. His peer’s promised him that they would get him to meet angel. The consequence of all this ultimately led to the death of a 16 year old. More on exactly what happened here.

Can Orkut be Blamed?

Orkut, has surely been a blessing, when it helped us get in contact with friends, families who we thought we would never get in touch with. Besides bringing long lost friends together it has also given an opportunity to make new friends. The platform hence cannot be blatantly accused to be the reason of the evil that happens on it. For ultimately if you were to remove all the contacts form Orkut, It would just be a platform. It is just a platform, we as users mold it to be what we want it to be. Hence if decorum is to be called for, it must be from the users. Having said that Orkut, might just find the need to tighten a few screws here and there, or find it self banned.

As a User, most of what you can do is be cautious, not foolish. What you see may not always be true!!

2 Responses to “Orkut – Angel-16 year old – DEAD!”

  1. Rishi
    August 21, 2007 at 1:36 am #

    This is extreme, we can't lame orkut. It was that foolish boy! :0!

    - Rishi

  2. Big V
    August 21, 2007 at 11:39 am #

    Ofcourse, we cannot blame Orkut for the death, so there is a lesson to be learnt for it – and I hope they do. It is dominated by teenagers who dont know better and Orkut does little to educate them. It's open view, scrap policy sucks. It does little to eliminate fake profiles, fake messages and spam. Google knows how to deal with all this – and they do it for their advertising platform.
    It clearly is the most irresponsible of all social networking sites.

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