Big Jobsites still Innovating? Naukri launches Asknaukri and Monster launches Video for Recruiters

Internet is a space of constant and persistant innovation.. Now whether that innovation is borrowed, inspired from somewhere else is a different issue. So Jobsite whih have been around for almost a decade now still continue to come up with new things that would attract the Indian audience.

asknaukriIn a move to answer all the career questions that a job seeker might have Naukri has followed the yahoo answers model (though in this case users dont answer users but panelists from naukri do.) by launching a website that offers ‘relevant, researched, and customized’ counseling on all work-related queries.

This is what Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder and chief executive officer,, said, "Career guidance is a natural progression, and with ‘’, we want to emerge as the definitive face of career guidance in India."

AskNaukri is powered by Workeasy solutions a career planning and development firm. AskNaukri is a great way to attracting more resumes as those who might register here (many of them being freshers) and whose questions might be answered well would in effect start to trust the naukri brand.

On the other hand has launched video for recruiters a way to help recruiters to profile their companies in more interactive manner.

According to Vikas Agarwal, Vice President-Product and Technology,, said, “The Monster video profile is a great opportunity for employers to market themselves in a job market where demand for talent is outpacing the supply. It is a good way for employers to showcase their work culture, and it would help them to hire people suitable to their corporate culture. Audio-visual presentation of a workplace is more emphatic than the traditional means of communicating through just text. This tool will ultimately help jobseekers understand their prospective employers better.”

Its would be useful tool for those employers who would like to showcase the fun elements and the working culture of their organisation, very much like this video by google employees which was used to highlight gmail features.

Both these giant jobsites seem to be still innovating in the jobs space where other players are using below the belt marketing gimmicks to win users. I think Jobs as a space has still scope left for improvement and also innovation as more more companies are finding it difficult to find the right people and in the shortest possible time.

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  1. Mahesh
    July 13, 2007 at 5:20 am #

    Job sites needs to think out of the box. There is trick in getting right talented people. One hint i can give is read how bill gates and paul allen hired the 3rd person and upto 50 people @ MicroSoft.

    There is no need of Intelligent Algorithm only common sence and bit of logical decision is needed.

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