First Bollywood channel on Mobile ever


Hungama mobile a well known mobile content provider who also make games and other content for operators have launched a first of its kind Bollywood channel for mobile viewing. The channel is known as Bollywood Express and will be compatible on all high-end handsets of Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

Movie Previews, songs and even full movies will be available for viewing. This channel has already been launched in Malaysia some time back.
How come a Bollywood channel is not available in India??
That’s because India has no 3g service and this (Bollywood channel) service requires 2.5G and 3G to function. So we will have to wait until 3G arrives. Which industry sources say should be this year end.

Users would have to subscribe to avail this service; the subscription can be daily, weekly, monthly. The channel would also be available for live viewing like for e.g. Hungama mobile had launched the IFFA awards on mobile handsets even before it was telecasted in other countries. The content will also include a mix of music, fashion, gossip and interviews

“We are in talks with operators like Singtel, Telenor, Maxis, Emtel, Nepal Telecom,” said Hungama Mobile COO Saleem Mobhani

Hungama plans to roll out this service to 27 more operators (out of 30) worldwide. The channel would also be released in the gulf countries like Oman and Dubai, where the channel would be dubbed in Tamil and Malayalam as most of the Indians come from south India.

The channel will also be available on IPTV connections as well as broadband connections.
What this does is reduce competition for them, there is no one providing this service in any of the above mentioned manner.

A few stats on the Indian Bollywood industry –

Over 1000 Indian movies are made every year.
The average number of songs per movie – 6 (pretty shocking isn’t it)
Two billion bollywood viewers worldwide.
Watched in over 127 countries
Dubbed in over 34 languages.
Bollywood earns only 40% of its revenue from the box office, the rest is earned dvd’s and a lot of mobile content like ringtones wallpapers callertunes etc.
The Vas market by the end of 2007 is said to be worth Rs.4560 crores.

Bharti and Doordarshan were also to come out with their mobile TV service this year.

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  1. garima
    July 4, 2007 at 5:08 am #

    hi gautam,
    nice article!
    Maybe you can refer to bollywood as indian FILM industry rather than indian bollywood industry,since it has gained a corpoarte status and declared one of the biggest industries in india in 2000.

  2. gautam
    July 5, 2007 at 1:31 am #

    thanks for the feedback.
    will keep that in mind next time.

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