A look at IndyaRocks and the latest at BigAdda

Too much of Social Networking? Well things are just going to get bigger as this field gets more and more crowded. Is it the hope that the whole population of India is going to get online, which is driving each new player?

After posting the Matrimonial Shoot-Out yesterday – a successful social-networking site would be the perfect matrimonial site. In fact my cousin found her soon-to-be on orkut!

We’ve not reviewed IndyaRocks yet on WATblog. Why? Mainly because of the Private Beta status, which they are in.

So what is IndyaRocks?
Is it part of Indya.com? That’s the first thing which came to my mind when I heard about IndyaRocks.
Are they looking at getting acquired by Indya.com in the future?

Excerpt from a telephonic conversation I had last night:

Hey man! wassup?
- nothing man…just chilling on indyarocks
Whats that?
- social networking site…like orkut
Ah cool i’ll check it out.."

Later – Today morning…

"sup man? that site didnt work? i-n-d-i-a-r-o-c-k-s? rite?
- naw man…its spelt with a Y. like indYA.com
ah ok..cool."

Well the above is a problem faced by almost all web 2.0 sites with names like flickr, zooomr etc

Let’s get to their site now…

Registration – Fairly simple.

Gives me the option to complete my profile right away or update it later.

Now is one of the main differentiating factors of indyarocks…customization of ones profile…

A lot of options – you can edit fonts, colour, add pictures anywhere you want etc…

indyarocks text editor

Similar editing options are given for ‘Favourite Video Games’, ‘Movies’ etc…
Didn’t try embedding a youtube video – but that might be possible too, as I can edit the html content in the box provided…
So basically you could list your favourite movie and also embed a video clip of the movie.

You can choose tags for your profile – interesting concept. This will help while searching for new friends sharing the same interests etc…

They even let you add your own CSS effect!
What is that? Well guess it’s not for you in that case.
Read more about CSS here.

I guess they are looking to be like MySpace, where you can completely modify your page.
There are actually companies making a lot of money offering MySpace customization (Layouts etc) – Pimp My Profile , MySpace Master , Skize etc

There’s already a site for IndyaRocks layouts!

This is how my default main page would look like:
indyarocks profile

This is how a modded version would look like:
indyarocks customized profile

Apart from all this, they have blogs, photos, forums, classifieds…

Interesting thing in blogs is – you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favourite blogs and share it with others visiting your profile.

Again I’m not sure how successful will this feature be – as most of the people in India are still pretty much clueless about RSS feeds.

Photos – you can subscribe to photo streams of your friends..
You can tag each photo too.

Lot of mobile options, which signifies the ‘I’ in their logo being a Phone!
Read about all the mobile features here.

And here’s stuff that is coming soon

Overall conclusion?
Too complex for the average Indian net surfer.
indyarocks has got the elements of a perfect international site, but how popular are they going to be here in India?
They’ll need to have tutorials for each and every customizable option…
86% of social networking buffs (A research which we are carrying out) – do not understand or comprehend tagging. Tagging, CSS, RSS etc all needs to be explained – especially to the girls. The fairer sex is the most important element of a successful social networking site.

The featuritis curve comes to my mind.
Just too much is being thrown at the user at one go.

The mobile features are nice – but almost everyone is taking their service mobile. Scrapping via SMS is fine – but replying to the scrap from your mobile phone for FREE is what will make any user happy.

Over all, indyarocks does rock feature-wise and will rock with guys who like to play around and customize stuff. We’ll be tracking their progress for sure.

Lets now look at what the BigAdda guys have been up to, except for commenting on WATblog :-)
(The comments on the post are definitely worth reading)

The number of votes they’ve got for their logo polling is still around 40,000.
We’ve been tracking it and its getting less than 50 votes a day. I really wonder how they would have gotten to the 40K figure so fast!

Update: In the last 48 hours they have got just 16 votes!

They’ve started a voting for Layouts now.
Favourite layout seems to lack a vote-counter yet – I expect one in a few days, with a nice big number!

Their search-engine marketing campaign has started:
bigadda google ads

But is BigAdda aiming to be a dating hub?
At least their meta-tags suggest so.
I’m hoping that it has been done just for SEO.

Indian dating, dating – were the first 2 meta-keywords!

Go to this page and check the Page Source for confirmation.

What do the layouts reveal about BigAdda?

It is going to be an invitation only social-network at least to start off with.

"Get an invitation
Register for free
Upload your profile
Build your network"

…seems to be the message

Layout No. 2 suggests:
big adda layouts

The 4 main channels at BigAdda are going to be: Videos, Photos, Music & People.

Layout No. 4 shows latest members (Ayesha Takia and Shahrukh Khan’s pictures are visible) and Featured Videos:
bigadda layouts

One can see an advertisement in layout No. 6
bigadda layouts
Guess they are looking at monetizing BigAdda through advertisements right from the start.

Well being invitation only is fine strategy to start off with – but does BigAdda have something unique to offer which will make every online Indian want an invitation?

Videos, Photos, Music, People, Blogging – doesn’t make it seem attractive enough and in then end it might actually be the 100 million spending which will count!

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  1. Kim J
    May 14, 2007 at 7:18 am #

    Interesting details, I sincerly find Big Add just another network with nthing new!

    whats the story on http://Big Adda.in


  2. Kim J
    May 14, 2007 at 7:20 am #

    oops also found this:


    E Junction for kool people!

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