India 2.0 – Part 5 (WATblog Exclusive)

India 2.0 has been the longest and the most comprehensive series as far as we know covering web 2.0 companies in India. So after releasing India 2.0 parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 we are back with a bang with probably the most number of web 2.0 sites that have shown up on the indian webosphere and the longest article so far on WATblog!

As there are 8 web 2.0 sites we discovered we have divided them into three different categories namely Social Sharing (includes bookmarking etc), Social Networking and  Media or File Sharing.

So here it goes..

SOCIAL SHARING – As the name suggests its city based information sharing. When i first saw it i thought it to be a replica with a dash of SEraja but burrp focusses more on the lifestyle aspect and its more about consumer reviews on hotels, restaurants and hangouts though SEraja is much closer to Ilaaka as its the event sharing site.

So what exactly is Ilaaka? Ilaaka focusses on two things deals and discounts and events within your city. One can also create a personal profile and add buddies and comment on the various events and deals.

Whats hot? They already have quite a few events and deals listed. they have features like add buddy, comments and even an option to upload your pic and create your profile.

Whats not? Though it looks good except for the adding buddy and comments feature it looked pretty much like a city based classified for deals and events. But none the less it already has a number of deals and events listed which according to me is a good start for this startup though it may not be the most unique idea. –’s tagline goes as "Your Footprints on the Web" and thats what is its USP. is owned by the Rajeev Purnaiya who was the Founder and Managing Director of CyberBazaar, India’s first and largest conferencing company that was later sold to WebEx, Inc. You can read more about Rajeev and his venture hooeey over here.

So what exactly is Hooeey? Hooeey in simple words helps your create, share, tag, search and store your browser history online and access it anytime from anywhere through your account in hooeey. It basically de-links your browser history from your browsers and helps you save it so that you can go through it later.

Whats hot? I personally loved this feature because i visit hundreds of sites and and bookmarking everything can get cumbersome so a hooeey browser toolbar ensures that the i can Record history of pages visited, also the ability to tag pages, add reviews, do searches and view/edit history and tags off-line. In short allows registered users to upload their history and tags to a personal on-line account and tag them and categorize them and view them whenever they want.

Whats not? Well the IE browser toolbar requires .NET framework installed and if i dont have it installed on my PC im not sure how many users would have it on their computers. though they give a link to download the .Net software i think its a deterrent for lazy people like me who wont bother downloading the toolbar itself. – Uhuroo helps you save, organize, share, and consolidate your research as well as discover more. Its an IIT Bombay incubation and still pretty much in beta stage.

So what exactly is You can collect, store, organise, share, print clipping from Web pages, Blogs, Wiki, etc through These clippings are known as scribbles. So it may not be wrong to say that = google notebook + social sharing.

Whats hot? Well its a cool tool for any one who is researching the web for any information. Also a great way to share stuff with colleagues if you are working on the same project.

Whats not? I could not test the toolbar :( their IE toolbar is still to be launched and for some reason i wasn’t able to install their firefox toolbar. Also i think might be considered a better tool as it reduces my effort by indexing my history instead me selecting and indexing clippings from web pages. But as they say everyone has different likes and dislikes and both these startups have a long way to go so uhuroo might get much much better than it is. – Indian radar is a social bookmarking site like ten others we have mentioned before.

So what exactly is Well its a look alike in short.. for the benefit of those who dont understand what is here is a definition of social bookmarking. Now why are we mentioning Indianradar? here’s why..

Whats hot? A website made completely in ajax which make the browsing and usability experience better than an other social bookmarking site i have been too. Not only that the registration process is ven simpler and hassle free. Full marks for usability.

Whats not? Well there are ten other bookmarking sites im not sure where this segment is headed in India. Also most of them have similar names here is a run down indianpad, indiagram, indiamarks and now indianradar phew..

SOCIAL NETWORKING – Well you may think that there are already enough india based social networking sites with the likes of’s zones,, and the yet to be launched but this new offering called minglebox despite offering nothing new compared to others cant be ignored. Infact my thoughts at registering and using the site are as follows.

So what exactly is Minglebox? It a social networking site where you can create your profile, upload pics, create blogs, add friends, join groups and join your college groups. Its very similar to hi5 in most its features and even borrows from as far as the scrapping feature is concernered.

Whats hot? Its has a pleasant look to it which is international in nature. Also it already seems to be getting good number of users in just alpha stage. It also has an Indianised form filling where they ask you to categorise yourself as global indian, dehli’s belly., mumbai meri jaan and etc which is missing in the international players. All in all the usability experience could be compared to and even at alpha stage they have many features already covered.

Whats not? Well nothing new is what is a let down. Whatever the founders behind minglebox have done till now is obviously well done but i would still classify it as a hi5 or an orkut clone. I mean why would i come to mingle box when i can connect with 1.3 million indian users on orkut!.. But minglbox is still in alpha so we can surely expect more. – was officialy launched on 4th October as a social networking platform focussed at south asians. Saffron Connect is focused on serving the global South Asian market and seeks to be the first-of-its-kind online music and social networking destination directly targeting the South Asian community and thats why the tagline "desi space desi tunes".

So what exactly is Well if to be specific its a social networking site with a twist of music sharing and selling. In their own words they want to be a hybrid of “MySpace” and “iTunes” for the South Asian market. So currently the features on offer are web profiles, blogs, instant messaging music downloads, photo galleries, classified listings, events, groups, chatrooms, and user forums to create a connected community of South Asians.

Whats Hot? Well the separate registration for artists and a platform for singers, bands, musicians seems like a usp to me especially as they are focussed "south asians" which means Indians ever enthusiatic music lovers and singers and that also includes pakistani singers and bands which are growing popular in india as well. The site FAQs also mentions the revenue generation that they are looking at by selling the music uploaded by these bands and singers. The artists can also offer their music for free download.

Whats Not? They might be focussed on south asians but i see them getting a lot of global indian and asian attention rather than traffic from within India itself. This is because their site seems to be having that global feel to it as compared to something like a minglebox which is quite indianised. Also besides the music being sold online revenue model i dont see any real differentiator that saffronconnect has to other social networking site. A complete review of saffronconnect can be read here – "Ibibo" stands for "I build I bond". Quite clearly another social networking site but backed by MIH group which also has two other gaming sites known as and

So what exactly is ibibo? offers two things  – blogs and photo sharing along with a social sharing concept.

Whats hot? Good interface and blogs and photo sharing options.

Whats not? Its nothing special infact Ibibo in its current avatar leaves much to be desired. Its in beta as of now so hopefully we can look forward to more. One can read more about ibibo here.

COLLABORATION AND MEDIA SHARING – Slideshare is a product launched recently by gurgaon based company Uzanto. According to them slideshare can be described as Youtube + Powerpoint presentations.

So what exactly is slideshare? Well have you been troubled by sending large powerpoint presentations? Then slideshare is for you. In simple words by uploading your presentations on slideshare you can share them with anyone through a link and can also embed your presentations like the one embeded below.

Whats hot? Simple interface. Easy upload options. Fast processing. Also the tagging and sharing features just like Youtube are amazing and infact Slideshare could be easily called the youtube of powerpoint presentations. I have given an embeded demo below of how slideshare can be used to show presentations on blogs. Not only that instead of attaching presentations on can just share them by sending across a link. Also the slideshare is well equipped to handle presentations with 50-60 slides as well without causing much delay in processing time. I am not surprised they got techcrunched as they have tonnes of more features which you can read about out here. According to me this is a truly international product and what’s more its FREE :)

Whats not? Files cannot be larger than 20 MB. One can just view the presentation cannot download it. Also sometimes when embeded on a website the presentation takes time to kick off though this may be due to slow internet connections but can get frustrating. Its not a unique offering as there are other international competitors like, and which are into presentation sharing and even presentation creating online. There is also a banglore based company which has developed a patent pending technology through which one can download a desktop application which is pretty much like any other messenger and share live msoffice documents online.


Well thats all for the India 2.0 part 5 series.. There are a few more web 2.0 players that i am currently looking into but just thought these many site were more than enough for the India 2.0 part 5. All in all with each part of India 2.0 i am getting the feeling that Indian’s are getting better with their offering of web 2.0 applications and im sure soon we would see patented web 2.0 applications from India which would create an international impact. Do drop in your comments. Till the next part.. Happy reading WATblog :) 

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  1. Guru
    October 9, 2006 at 1:28 am #

    I have created three websites which are as follows:
    Simple Online Bookmarking with Search Feature
    Deep Search sites bookmarked on
    If something or someone sucks list it here.

  2. Kaushal : Co-Founder of Uhuroo
    October 13, 2006 at 4:22 am #

    Thanks for trying out Uhuroo. I just wanted to let you know that the Plugins for IE is now available and that the FireFox plugin will auto-install on clicking the install link if your using Mozilla FireFox 1.07 or above. I hope you will continue to use uhuroo for your web research activities. So keep posting about your experiences of using Uhuroo, as it helps us improve our service. :)

  3. Mrugesh
    June 25, 2007 at 4:57 am #

    Interview with Rajeev Purnaiya : Founder of Hooeey
    Rajeev Purnaiya was born and brought up in Bangalore. he sold for an estimated $4 million to WebEx (WebEx subsequently was acquired by Cisco for $3.2 billion).
    Founding CyberBazaar was one of the best feelings for him and his next big thing is Hooeey. Let's find out more…

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