NING – Gonna Redefine WEB 2.0 App Development ????

                          Now here is a service that is going to redefine the the rules of WEB 2.0  created by sites like Myspace, Flickr &  Youtube. When I say this I mean it (But again if it comes out of its never ending problems). Ning is coming up with a service that is offered by Web 2.0 Poineers in different patches (Already they are on, but gonna have a relaunch). It is a open, customizable version for Photo Sharing, Social Networking and Video Sharing and much more. Customizable is what interests more, as users can  build and share such applications in the Ning Playground. Ning applications include online dating, restaurant reviews, photo sharing, job sites and more. Users can clone existing applications(Myspace, Flickr etc) and build their own. There is even a list of suggested applications for those who need ideas.
 Gina Bianchini, CEO and co-founder along with Marc Anderson (Founder of Netscape)who were  behind the idea, has developed this platform using which, one can clone and modify Social Services. 

          This is just not like another service, the basic difference being these new add ons are about creating a private space, where you can share family videos and photos. You can make it private and limit access to these spaces. One can organize videos from Youtube & Google Videos and also have the Option to embed the videos into ones own blog. In simple words, Ning is an Online service for creating customized social applications out of other Web services.Creating social web apps for free. Without any coding experience, one can take any of the thousands of active social web applications on Ning today and make them your own in a few easy clicks. Which is otherwise impossible.
                           Launched in last october, the project is still under development and will be relaunched (with much more user friedly interfaces) this fall. There are many apps that have been created based on different Ideas. Whether its Dating, Photo Sharing, find a developer, confessions, story teller, book shelf and many more. Though the number of members havent gone up as expected, but is surely gonna give a new path once relaunch is done in fall of this year.

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